August 3, 2017

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Wisconsin Sikh tragedy forms mission to combat hatred


MILWAUKEE (AP) – In the five years since a white supremacist fatally shot six worshippers at a Milwaukee-area Sikh temple, those affected by the tragedy have remained united by a mission to combat hatred. A former skinhead and the son of a man killed in ... More »

Robert Mueller investigation still comes up empty


There’s new news that Robert Mueller has expanded his investigation again into Whatever, and has empaneled a grand jury to indict someone once he and his team of expensive lawyers can find someone to indict. He already has one grand jury at the ready in ... More »

Kurdish independence remains a worthy cause


Whether a gamble or a calculated move, the Kurds will head to the polls on Sept. 25 to choose between independence and staying in Iraq. That a vote for statehood will win is a certainty. The Kurds see the stars aligned for the next push toward independence &md... More »