August 7, 2017

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U.S. to send more Marines to Afghanistan: report


The United States will send additional Marines to Afghanistan following an on-the-ground request, NBC News reported on Monday.Officials told the news network that dozens of Marines will be sent to Helmand Province to aid with internal force… THE HILL More »

Donald Trump and Republican Party


The “Never Trump” contingent in the Republican Party loves to meow the penetrating insight that President Trump wasn’t always a Republican and — psst … isn’t really a conservative. On hearing this screeched divulgence, the r... More »

Tax reform essential to unleash prosperity


Job No. 1 for Congress, as I noted in a recent column, is repealing Obamacare. But cutting taxes is a close second. Of course, the whole system needs an overhaul. We want to unleash economic growth and prosperity. Tax cuts are a crucial first step toward that,... More »