North Korea releases 3 Americans that were held captive

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North Korea on Wednesday released three U.S. citizens who had been held captive, another sign of goodwill ahead of a planned summit with President Trump.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo secured their release during his second meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and left the country with the three Americans aboard his plane.

Mr. Trump made the announcement Wednesday morning, Washington time

Mr. Pompeo said the three men “were all thrilled when we knew we were out of North Korean air space. [They] were happy to be with us on this plane, to be sure.”

“I welcomed them back,” Mr. Pompeo told reporters traveling with him. “I’m thrilled that we have them back. President Trump set conditions for this to happen, and I am thrilled with that.”

Mr. Pompeo also said he had “good, lengthy conversations” with Mr. Kim about the upcoming summit with Mr. Trump during his 13 hours on the ground in North Korea. He said there were “no glitches” during his visit.

The country’s top diplomat said he’s “confident we set conditions for a successful meeting between the two leaders.” Mr. Pompeo said the date and location of the summit will be disclosed “in the next handful of days.”

The return of the captives eliminates a stumbling block to that summit, especially since it appears that the men who had been held in labor camps are in relatively good health. The White House said all three men “were all able to walk on the plane without assistance.”


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